Is this the sexiest Mixed Martial Arts umpire around?





The enforcing ref, valued for her practical method, additionally supervises male battles and also photos additionally reveal her floating over man individuals, constantly prepared to step in when essential.


Courageous Charyana has a long record helping the Paranaense Association of Fighters in addition to the Immortal FC Circuit.


Liski seemed ready to punch her once more, yet the fast acting ref entered between them and also pressed her away, saving Werner from additional injury.


She claimed: "I have actually always wanted combined martial arts, however not to contend as a professional athlete, but belonging to the program. I constantly needed to know exactly how the organization was and also to be inside it." "So someday, I made a decision to work as an umpire, yet it was hard. At very first as I am a woman, and also later on because I needed to learn lots of points such as the technological expertise and also techniques."


She exposed that from a young age she has actually been associated with mixed martial arts, training in Judo and also Jujitsu.


Charyana Gamble Correia, from the city of Curitiba, Brazil, has actually gained an obsessed following to on social media sites because of her nerve in the ring - and also her beauty.


One video of Charayana demonstrates how she tips in quickly and also handles to keep back boxer Ariane Liski that had actually simply knocked challenger Juliana Werner out.


The last dropped to the flooring, out cold.

Few women function as refs in MMA - which is a pretty brand-new sporting activity concentrating on power, severity, stamina and agility.































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